Audio recordings

Memory at Work: Rosemary Butcher in the Present Tense – 17/12/2016

Listen to /rsc/MP3s/2016/Introduction edited.mp3
 Tracing Lost Legacies – Remembering Rosemary Butcher, Susan Melrose and Stephanie Sachsenmaier

Listen to /rsc/MP3s/2016/Ramsay Burt edited.mp3
 Rosemary Butcher and the ethico-aesthetics of her process and performance, Ramsay Burt

Listen to /rsc/MP3s/2016/Round Table edited.mp3
Roundtable Discussion, Chair Andrea Niederbuchner with Sue Maclennan, Elena Giannotti, Lauren Potter, Rahel Vonmoos, Charlie Morrissey, David Ellis, Sam Williams, Cathy Lane, Jonathan Burrows

Listen to /rsc/MP3s/2016/Final discussion edited.mp3
 Open Discussion, Shared Thoughts and Memories, with contributions by Lizzy LeQuesne and Charles Balfour


Crossing Borders 2016

Crossing Borders talks feature speakers from a range of disciplines, whose work offers fresh vantage points from which to review our own practice.

This season looks at touch, perception and communication through different disciplines and practices.

Crossing Borders is organised in collaboration with the Graduate School of London Contemporary Dance School.


Listen to /rsc/MP3s/CB2016/Catherine Grant edited.mp3
 Catherine GrantKinaesthetic Communications: Thinking (and ‘Writing’) about cinema with Rhythm and Timing

Links to videos showed during the talk and articles by Catherine Grant:
Video #1 REAR WINDOW Syncopated by Catherine Grant
Video #2 TOUCHING THE FILM OBJECT? by Catherine Grant
Video #3 EFFACE by Catherine Grant
Video #4  CARNAL LOCOMOTIVE by Catherine Grant
Article ‘The Shudder of a Cinephiliac idea? Videographic film studies practice as material thinking‘ by Catherine Grant
Article ‘Film studies in the groove? Rhythmising perception in Carnal Locomotive’ by Catherine Grant


Listen to /rsc/MP3s/CB2016/Simon Whitehead edited.mp3
Simon WhiteheadThe Village Dance

Article ‘Bringing It All Back Home: Towards an Ecology of Place’ by Carl Lavery and Simon Whitehead
Website Maynard – A resource for dance and movement artists in rural Wales


Listen to /rsc/MP3s/CB2016/Sue MacLaine edited.mp3
Sue MacLaineA Multitude of Possibilities

Links to videos showed during the talk:
VIDEO #1 The Rose in International Sign
VIDEO #2 The man I love – Pina Bausch
Anna Sokolow at The Place c1971


Listen to /rsc/MP3s/CB2016/Jayne Parker Edited.mp3
Jayne ParkerReflections on filming performance

For more information about Jayne Parker and her works:
Jayne Parker – LUX | Artists’ Moving Image


Listen to /rsc/MP3s/CB2016/Abbie  Garrington edited.mp3
Abbie GarringtonTouch as Language / Language as Touch

For more information about Abbie Garrington, her research and publications:
Dr. Abbie Garrington – Durham University
The Manifesto of Tactilism by F.T. Marinetti


Listen to /rsc/MP3s/CB2016/Kirsty Alexander, Kathy Crick, Charlotte Darbyshire, Laura Glaser edited.mp3
Kirsty Alexander, Charlotte Darbyshire, Kathy Crick and Laura GlaserLessons with a Curious Equal

Charlotte Darbyshire led an arrival exercise to start the talk.
This talk was part of Gill Clarke’s Day 2016, a day to celebrate the remarkable work of former ID co director Gill Clarke and her continued legacy.


Listen to /rsc/MP3s/CB2016/Charlie Morrissey edited.mp3
Charlie MorrisseyTouching the thing that touches you

Article ‘Before your eyes’ by Lisa Nelson


Listen to /rsc/MP3s/CB2016/Corinne Jola edited.mp3
Corinne Jola - Touching Spectators – Spectating Touch

Online Google round table discussion Corinne Jola with Nancy Stark Smith and William Seeley, Meta-academy, Summer 2013 (starts at 11min).
Embodied neuroscience: Making sense of dance -presentation held at CRAL, Centre de Recherches sur les arts et le langage (starts in French but Corinne presents in English), Paris – spring 2014
Documentary Film on Corinne’s and others’ work on Dancers and the Brain, Taiwanese-French Co-production (English starts after 4min)
Corinne Jola’s publication list and access to most publications
CoCoDanse -Corinne Jola’s dance website


Listen to /rsc/MP3s/CB2016/Miranda Tufnell and KBN edited.mp3
Miranda Tufnell / Knowing Body Network - Frontiers of Dance and Health

Link to the video showed during the talk:
From Where You Are- A dance and movement project at Alder Hey Children’s Hospital


Rosalind CrispUnwrapping d a n s e

Click here to watch this performative lecture


Public discussions

20/02/16 – Michael Kliën – Choreographing in the imagination of your Gods 

Listen to  /rsc/MP3s/2016/Michael Klien public discussion edited.mp3

12/04/16 – dance artist Deborah Black and film maker Becky Edmunds in conversation about the Turn Your F^*king head documentary, following the screening at JW3.

Listen to /rsc/MP3s/New Turn Your F ing Head audio.mp3


Crossing Borders 2015

Listen to /rsc/MP3s/CB2015/The Rebel Man Standard  6 October Edited .mp3
 The Rebel Man Standard

Listen to /rsc/MP3s/CB2015/Scott deLaHunta edited USETHISONE.mp3
 Scott deLahunta

Listen to /rsc/MP3s/CB2015/Andrea Zimmerman edited.mp3
 Andrea Zimmerman

Listen to /rsc/MP3s/CB2015/Baz Kershaw Edit1.mp3
Baz Kershaw (find the referenced image here.)

Listen to /rsc/MP3s/CB2015/Sam Ladkin edit (no questions).mp3
Sam Ladkin (find related reading for this talk Against value in arts and education, alongside the Frank O Hara Text)

Listen to /rsc/MP3s/CB2015/Johanna Linsley edit.mp3
Johanna Linsley

Listen to /rsc/MP3s/CB2015/Rosemary Lee edit.mp3
 Rosemary Lee in conversation with Laura Burns

Listen to /rsc/MP3s/CB2015/Caryn McHose edit with hands.mp3
Caryn McHose

Listen to /rsc/MP3s/CB2015/Mark Lorimer edit.mp3
Mark Lorimer in conversation with Susanna Recchia

Crossing Borders 2014

Listen to /rsc/MP3s/CB2014/CB 2014 - Steve Valk 30 September edited.mp3
Steve Valk, contemporary dance dramaturge

Listen to /rsc/MP3s/CB2014/CB 2014 - Kirsten Maar 14 October edited.mp3
Kirsten MaarChoreography´s Architecture- Exhibitions as Sites of Kinesthetic Experience
Listen to /rsc/MP3s/CB2014/CB 2014 - Helen Poynor 21 October edited.mp3
Helen Poynor, dance artist
Listen to /rsc/MP3s/CB2014/CB 2014 - Nicola Diamond 4 November re-edited.mp3
Nicola Diamond, psychoanalytic psychotherapist and author of Between Skins
Listen to /rsc/MP3s/CB2014/CB 2014 - Julia Farrington 11 November edited.mp3
Julia Farrington, freelance producer and campaigner, Index on Censorship
Listen to /rsc/MP3s/CB2014/CB 2014 - Sara Wookey 18 November edited.mp3
Sara Wookey, dance artist
Listen to /rsc/MP3s/CB2014/CB 2014 - Cally Spooner 25 November. edited.mp3
Cally Spooner, artist and writer

Listen to /rsc/MP3s/CB2014/CB 2014 - Frey Faust 2 December. edited.mp3
Frey FaustThe Axis Syllabus
Listen to /rsc/MP3s/CB2014/CB 2014 - Meg Stuart 9 December.mp3
Meg Stuart, American choreographer and dancer, who lives and works in Berlin and Brussels. This recording is a series of excerpts from the full talk, which was a conversation between Meg and Frank Bock.

Listen to /rsc/MP3s/CB2014/CB 2014 - Alice Chauchat 16 December edited final.mp3
 Alice Chauchat, Berlin based choreographer, performer and teacher/lecturer


Crossing Borders 2013

Listen to 2013 - Vincent Dunoyer 1 October 2013 - EDIT.mp3
Vincent Dunoyer, dance artist
Listen to 2013 - Anna  Zubrzycki 8 October 2013 - EDIT.mp3
 Anna  ZubrzyckiThe Mindful Performer
Listen to 2013 - Patricia Lyons 15 October 2013 - EDIT.mp3
Patricia Lyons
Listen to 2013 - Helen Iball 22 October 2013 - EDIT.mp3
Dr Helen Iball Choreographies of empathy
Listen to 2013 - Nic Sandiland & Katja Nyqvist 5 November 2013 - EDIT.mp3
Nic Sandiland & Katja Nyqvist,  dance artists
Listen to 2013 -  William Hunt & Ali MacGilp 12 November 2013 - EDIT.mp3
William Hunt and Ali McGlip, artist and curator
Listen to 2013 - Kate Genevieve 26 November 2013 FINAL.mp3
Kate GenevieveNeuroscience, embodiment and sharing interiority
Listen to 2013 - Calum Storrie 3 December - EDIT.mp3
Calum Storrie, architect
Listen to 2013 -  Amy Sharrocks - 10 December 2013 - EDIT.mp3
Amy Sharrocks, live artist, sculptor and film-maker


Crossing Borders 2012

Listen to
Eamonn Walsh, neuroscientist
Listen to
 Mette Edvardsen, dance artist
Listen to
 Dance artists from These associations and Move: Choreography You
Listen to
 Pablo Bronstein and Matthias Sperling, artist and dance artist
Listen to
 Jane Greenfield and Steven Brett, artist producers
Listen to
 Pedro Prado, body-oriented pyschotherapist
Listen to
 Emilyn Claid, dance theatre artist
Listen to
 Julyen Hamilton in conversation with Jacky Lansley, dance artists
Listen to
 Hester Reeve, artist and fine art senior lecturer
Listen to
Siobhan Davies and David Hinton, choreographer and film-maker


Crossing Borders 2011

Listen to
 Guy Claxton, learning scientist (PAL Movement & Meaning talk)
Listen to
 Nic Sandiland, digital artist
Listen to
 Gill Clarke, dance artist (PAL Movement & Meaning talk)
Listen to
 Siobhan Davies, choreographer, with Mathieu Copeland, curator
Listen to
Tim Ingold, social anthropologist (PAL Movement & Meaning talk)
Listen to
Nigel Thrift, human geographer (PAL Movement & Meaning talk)
Listen to
 Andrew Morrish and Crosby McCloy, improviser and writer/performer
Listen to
 Nicola Conibere, choreographer
Listen to
 Miranda Tufnell and Eva Karczag, dance artists


Crossing Borders 2010

Listen to
 Becky Edmunds, Claudia Kappenberg and Lucy Cash What If… we could view all this as dance
Listen to
 Barak Marshall The Politics of Dance
Listen to
 Lauren Potter and Scott Smith The Performers’ Perspective
Listen to
 Ros Warby Creating work from the practice of performance
Listen to
 Siobhan Davies in conversation with Sam Collins, a collaborator on ROTOR
Listen to
 Scott deLahunta on Publishing Choreographic Ideas 
Listen to
 Film maker Miranda Pennell and anthropologist Dr Massimilliano Mollona The Politics of Seeing
Listen to
 Performers from Move: Choreographing You at Hayward Gallery Changing Perceptions
Listen to
 João Fiadeiro: Real Time Composition


Crossing Borders 2009

Listen to
Nik Haffner
Listen to
Lucy Cash
Listen to
Willi Dorner
Listen to
Raimund Hoghe & Franko B
Listen to
Rosemary Lee
Listen to
Sarah Whatley
Listen to
Ruth Little & Siobhan Davies
Listen to
Tere O’Connor

For notes and references from some of the Crossing Borders talks, click here.