Research Lab

Sharing research with fellow artists can be an energising moment in a project’s evolution. In response to approaches made by artists, ID is inviting five artists to open up their current research, with a focus of researching through (rather than about) dancing, teaching and making. The artists will share their practice-based research in an informal, facilitated and inquisitive space of peers.

Each morning will have a different format, based on each artist’s inquiry.  For those attending, it is an opportunity to experience and contribute to evolving ideas.

Below is information about the 2017 Research Lab week; we will announce the 2018 line-up in March. 

Mon 3 July – Carolyn Roy

I will share my research into the experience of dancing as companionship and ‘being with’, with reference to socially engaged thinker Jean-Luc Nancy’s essay Being Singular Plural. This will take the form of a short performed sharing of dance and text and a practical, discursive exploration of these notions and whatever arises from their consideration through moving and talking together in  a durational improvisation.

Tue 4 July – Rosanna Irvine

Figures Series is an expanded choreographic project and the umbrella title for a growing collection of works that includes choreographic scores, participatory performances, reviews, writings and interviews. Extending across and between dance, visual arts and participatory practices, Figures Series questions what 21st century choreography is and what it can do

Many of the scores from Figures Series can be worked with using movement, drawing and/or sound – and occassionally writing. Many also involve a particular attention towards breath. During the research lab we will investigate some of these scores. Drawing and writing materials will be on hand – as will portable amplifier and microphone for sound work – and of course space for moving. People will work with their material(s) of choice. We will spend time researching/playing with the scores, observing each other, reflecting and discussing together. Our enquiry will orientate around how a choreographic set of instructions manifests through different people and through different media.

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Wed 5 July – Margarita Zafrilla

For this research laboratory, I will be working with some of my current movement investigations in the form of an experimental dance presentation. I will be voicing and moving some of the submerged fictions that keep me alive, the survival of being a dancer. I’m hoping that this can generate shared energies and transmissions, bridging new and restorative conceptions of what our dancing can move.
Other moments during the session will be guiding and being guided by visuals, dances, scores, questions and calls.

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Thu 6 July – Susanna Recchia

The work started while teaching at La Manufacture in Lausanne, Switzerland, on the 8th of November 2017, on the day I heard the news of Leonard Cohen’s death and of Donald Trump’s election.
I decided to go to the studio at night, switch the lights off and dance.
I am a performer who mainly works on collaborative projects. This is the first time that I felt the desire to spend time alone in the studio and make a dance.
Since November, I have regularly returned to the studio and revisited the score I assembled: a collage of ideas, movement tasks and music tracks to keep alive questions on the relation between sensation and form, reciprocity, interrelatedness and the relevance of personal actions in the current political climate.
At this stage of the process, I am interested in sharing the initial phase of my work and talk about what others see and perceive when being exposed to this dance.
The session will be divided in three parts: the presentation of the work in progress, a practical exploration with the viewers of two of the tasks that are part of my movement research, a conversation about the work that I have presented.

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Fri 7 July – Charlotte Spencer

I will lead a session focusing on the processes of my latest work, Is this a Waste Land? Practical investigations will inform discussion and writing experiments in an attempt to experience the choreographic processes at play. In particular, we will focus on the inter-relationship of questions concerning the valuing of space and felt senses of belonging – enquiries that lie at the centre of this work. We will work directly with some of the practices that have emerged in the development of Is this a Waste Land?
Is this a Waste Land? is part live performance, part interactive audio experience designed for 6 performers and up to 80 audience members on disused urban sites. The nature of the work is interactive, experiential, tactile, collective and individual. It invites us to consider how we value space, waste, home, belonging and community.

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Open to professionals and students in dance and related fields
Mon 3 – Fri 7 July 2017, 10am – 12pm each morning
Free to attend