Parlour Conversations

4 – 8 September 2017 | 10am ‑ 12 noon

A series of exchanges to sound out and share what propels our practice.

Monday 4 Sept:  ID artists’ gathering
An opportunity for ID teaching artists to gather, exchange thoughts about the programme and current practice.

Tuesday 5 Sept: Producing your life as an artist
Many independent artists self-produce their work to some degree, and some may also take on producing roles for other artists and projects.  We invite a conversation about the economics, strategies and ethics of self-producing and of parallel producing and performing, and the shifts in dynamic as we move through our evolving working lives.

Wednesday 6 Sept: Ways of reading 
Reading is a part of many artists’ practice. It is also changing – for many of us, sustained reading is less habitual than it used to be. How do you read, what different forms does it take? How does your reading reorient, inform, interrupt your work? How does it sit with other aspects of your practice? 

Thursday 7 Sept: International working
Many independent artists have a base in more than one country; performing, presenting work, learning and teaching across Europe and the wider world. What do you make of the different contexts offered and how do you use the opportunity to test yourself or your work in different settings? How do you draw on a wider network and employ a wider range of tools available to work internationally? How do you balance local connection with nomadic mobility?

Friday 8 Sept: Artists curating: creating space
ID invited artists Amy Voris and Sarah Spies to guest programme our autumn season. In this conversation, they share their experiences and their thinking about the relational practice of curating.

10am – 12 noon
Free, booking is advised
To book please call 020 7091 9650 or email