Crossing Borders talks

Every Tuesday between October and December, we invite UK and international practitioners to share their process and practice.
Crossing Borders 2016 will happen between Tuesday 4 Oct – 13 Dec, excluding 1st November (half term). The season will look at ways in which the reaches of the body emerge through different disciplines and practices.
We will announce the full programme in September.

Below are the 2015 talks, and you can listen to the recordings of these talks through our online archive.
The 2015 Crossing Borders speakers talked about how artists come together to effect and to articulate action.

6 October | The Rebel Man Standard

The Rebel Man Standard is Jamila Johnson-Small, Hamish MacPherson and Zinzi Minott. The project explores the political potentials, and potential ramifications, of contemporary dance and choreographic practice, socially and for the body of the doer. We come together as a supportive and active network of independent thinkers, makers and performers sharing resources, conversations and the idea that all actions are political. Click here to read more.

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13 October | Scott deLahunta

on dance by dancers (body conversations)
The first issue of Movement Research published in 1991 in New York claimed a new “textual space” for the community where the forms of dance and performance could be furthered through development of an intrinsic discourse coming from practice. In this talk Scott proposes to look back to that time and reflect on, using practical examples, what has been brought forth through efforts to develop a space for a certain kind of literacy in dance. Scott has worked as writer, researcher and organiser on a range of international projects. He is currently Senior Research Fellow in partnership with Coventry University (UK) & Deakin University (AUS). Click here to read more.

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20 October | Andrea Zimmerman

As London undergoes rapid transformation at the hands of developers and increasing polarisation between rich and poor, filmmaker and cultural activist Andrea Luka Zimmerman will present her seven year project Estate (2008-2015). Andrea is a filmmaker, artist and cultural activist. Click here to read more.

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3 November | Baz Kershaw

If all organisms – including humans – are performed by ecology, what ‘border crossings’ might lead to more hopeful futures?
This talk explores that conundrum through an elementary conceit. It is a commonplace that Homo sapiens possess an agency unique among the world’s species. But what if all organisms fundamentally are performed by Earth’s ecologies?  What fresh horizons would humans have to imagine for performing ecologically more responsively? Baz Kershaw is Emeritus Professor of theatre and performance at University of Warwick. Click here to read more.

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10 November | Sam Ladkin

It is tempting under the duress of our current conditions to defend the value of the arts, but are defences self-defeating?  Sam Ladkin discusses the propositions in his forthcoming book Against Value in the Arts and Education. Sam is a senior lecturer in the School of English at the University of Sheffield, director of the Centre for Poetry and Poetics and the New York School Symposia. Read more. Click here to read more.

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17 November | Johanna Linsley

The talk will consider the ‘movement’ of collaboration, and the ways collaboration operates in relation to other political ‘movements’. This talk considers strategies for thinking and making multiplicity, and the conditions that make these strategies possible. Johanna is an artist, writer and producer. Her work is iterative, research-based and focused on performance.Click here to read more.

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24 November | Rosemary Lee in conversation with Laura Burns

Choreographer and film maker Rosemary Lee discusses her current investigations with poet and performer Laura Burns. Rosemary’s interest is in the relationship between language and its origins and our felt experience of ourselves in the world through our bodies. The late poet Michael Donaghy spurred her interest when he said he believed every single word had its roots in our human physicality, this claim- which she finds very affirming, has been central to her research supported by her Bonnie Bird New Choreography Award 2013.  What Rosemary as a dancer and maker experienced sometimes as a gulf between spoken and written language and silent, felt movement, seems more possible to connect than she imagined.  She and Laura will explore Michael’s claim, our bodies’ knowledge of and generation of language and metaphors, the use and influence of words in each others practices and celebrate the difficulty to word unlabelled experiences.        Rosemary Lee is the 2013 recipient of The Bonnie Bird New Choreography Award. Click here to read more.

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1 December | Susan Rethorst – cancelled due to illness

Unfortunately, Susan Rethorst was unwell and the talk was cancelled.

Susan will draw from themes explored in her publication “A Choreographic Mind”, in which she  tracks the emergence of her “practical philosophy” of choreographic thought, embracing what she identifies as “knowledge first found in the body by the body”. Click here to read more. 

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8 December | Caryn McHose

Caryn’s talk explores the biology of resonance and the biology of how we find body security. Body security is a more substantive and reliable security and source of regulation than psychological security based on thought. And we are able to find an embodied sense of sustainability in this way. So I see the work of orientation to ground and space to omnidirectionality, and to the balance of interoceptive awareness and exteroceptive awareness as the ingredients to meeting our final frontier as human beings–the frontier of relationship which is really never solved of course; however, the capacity to share the dilemma with another is itself a fresh beginning. Artists are the ones to offer ways of opening the inquiry about who we are in relationship to each other, to nature, to culture, and to the matters of mortality and so on. Working with body security by making the orientation process conscious and explicit as a resource to the challenges of being alive in a body on a planet is totally about our collective shared dilemma and the manner in which we feel each other sharing this journey. Click here to read more.
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15 December | Mark Lorimer in conversation with UK dance artist Susanna Recchia

Mark Lorimer will be in conversation with UK dance artist Susanna Recchia exploring the labour of the dancer through their work as company dancers, freelancers as well as in their own solo practices. His interests in formal and technical possibilities of the dancing body that underpin the WinLab workshop are opened out during this conversation together. Click here to read more. 

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Tuesdays, 4 October – 13 December 2016 (no talk 1 November)
7 – 8.30pm
Single talk £6.50 | £5 concession
3-talk cards £16.50 | £12.50 concession
Drinks Offer: Free drinks voucher for the first 20 people who book for any talk
To book, please call 020 7091 9650 or email


Crossing Borders began in 2009, and has been running annually ever since. To listen to previous talks, by artists and scientists including Raimund Hoghe and Franko B, Ros Warby, Tim Ingold, and Eva Karczag, visit our audio recordings collection.

Crossing Borders is supported by the London Contemporary Dance School postgraduate programme.