Crossing Borders talks

Every Tuesday between October and December, we invite UK and international practitioners to share their process and practice.
Crossing Borders 2017 will happen between Tuesday 4 Oct – 14 November; the full programme will be announced in September.

Below is the 2016 programme, which at touch, perception and communication through different disciplines and practices.

You can listen to the recordings of talks from the previous series of Crossing Borders through our online archive.

4 October | Catherine Grant

Kinaesthetic Communications: Thinking (and ‘Writing’) about Cinema with Rhythm and Timing

Catherine’s talk will explore ideas around embodied viewing and material forms of thinking from her own perspective as a cinema scholar and video remix practitioner.  She will look at notions of sensuous proximity, contiguity or contact in the perception of moving images and sounds.

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11 October | Simon Whitehead

The Village Dance

A reflection on how bodies practice places and how these processes might be part of experiencing and re-imagining a village…

Simon talks about a current preoccupation with the realm of social ecology, on how people might practice home, make sense of their environment and interact together.

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18 October | Sue MacLaine

A Multitude of Possibilities 

A discussion, a talk, a lecture, an address, a speech, a conversation, a discourse? Sue MacLaine is a writer, director, performer and also an interpreter working between British Sign Language and English.  She will offer perspectives on meaning making, cultural mediation, intention and assumption and her approach to creating interpretation for live performance.

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25 October | Jayne Parker

Reflections on filming performance

“The challenge of filming expressive action and capturing its felt experience is compelling for me – as is the process of filmmaking, in particular framing and editing.” JP

Much of Jayne’s film work features the performance of music in what she calls ‘a search to find a music equivalent within the language of film’. Jayne has worked with cellist Anton Lukoszevieze and pianist Katharina Wolpe to make many films, each with a strong focus on the act of musical expression. There is a strong element of performance in all her work – the body in action, in relation to an object, musical instrument, another body.

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8 November | Abbie Garrington

Touch as Language / Language as Touch 

Abbie puts forward different tactile ‘types’ that are worth thinking about for anyone working in somatic practice, drawing on her research into written renderings of sensory experience specifically relating to touch and the haptic. She will illustrate the discussion with literary quotations from her period of specialism in the early twentieth century, seeing whether the written word and the danced idea have things to ‘say’ to each other about touch.

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15 November | Kirsty Alexander, Kathy Crick, Charlotte Darbyshire and Laura Glaser

Lessons with a curious equal 

A team of teachers who have worked with Gill Clarke during her many years of dedicated teaching at Laban present their perspectives and experiences of Gill’s visionary educational work for dance artists.They discuss Gill’s pedagogical approach and her educational influence, and the Fundamental Skills module in particular. At the heart of the module was Gill’s rigorous and playful approach to learning that infused perceptual processes leading students onto journeys of discovery and also challenged their expectations of contemporary dance training in higher education. For Crossing Borders, teachers who worked with Gill on the design and teaching of this module come together to reflect on this aspect of Gill’s vision both from an artistic and pedagogical perspective.
This talk is a fresh iteration of a presentation given at the IDOCDE Symposium at Impulstanz in 2013, which also included Henrietta Hale and Amy Voris.

This talk is part of Gill Clarke’s Day 2016. Click here for more information.

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22 November | Charlie Morrissey

Touching the thing that touches you

Charlie shares his on-going conversation with Lisa Nelson and with her work, a constant reference point in his own movement, teaching and performance making practice. Drawing on Skype conversations with Lisa, he reflects on the role of touch in both his and Lisa’s work.

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29 November | Corinne Jola

Touching Spectators – Spectating Touch

Touch is a very special sense. It is the most intimate of all senses and in close relationship with the ‘sixth sense’, proprioception. Where we are touched, how, when and by whom is of crucial importance to our sense of touch and ultimately our response to it. Dance audiences can feel touched through spectating touch as well as through the kinaesthetic sense of looking at dancers in motion. Hence, when dancers touch audiences, they can do so without actually touching them. In this talk, Corinne discusses scientific approaches to these forms of touch and shares artistic applications.

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6 December | Miranda Tufnell / Knowing Body Network

Frontiers of Dance and Health 
The Knowing Body Network is a gathering of dance artists working in the field of arts and health. In this evening they will share and discuss ways in which a creative and embodied dance practice can work alongside and in support of a beleaguered and overstretched healthcare system.  The arts cannot solve our problems, but they invite us to question, explore and discover other aspects of who we are – aspects that are not just to do with our immediate difficulties or illness, and in this they strengthen our capacity to meet and adapt to change.
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13 December | Rosalind Crisp

Unwrapping d a n s e 

a danced lecture

undoing the hegemony of embodied history

an unfinished dance by a saturated body

an ongoing practice exposed…

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Tuesdays, 4 October – 13 December 2016 (no talk 1 November)
7 – 8.30pm
Single talk £6.50 | £5 concession
3-talk cards £16.60 | £12.50 concession

To book, please call 020 7091 9650 or email


Crossing Borders began in 2009, and has been running annually ever since. To listen to previous talks, by artists and scientists including Raimund Hoghe and Franko B, Ros Warby, Tim Ingold, and Eva Karczag, visit our audio recordings collection.

Crossing Borders is supported by the London Contemporary Dance School postgraduate programme.