Winter Laboratory (WinLab)

The Winter Laboratory (WinLab) is a programme of workshops with leading international artists aimed specifically at working professionals  The workshops offer the opportunity to share the practices of these leading  artists and for participants to engage and interact with each other within this framework. This year WinLab will be happening between 5 – 16 December, with two week long workshops and a weekend workshop.  Each workshop focusses on a different dimension of practice; with week 1 looking at dance as an artistic practice in healthcare settings, week 2 exploring choreographic principles and the weekend workshop giving the opportunity for participants to work with dance on film.

The 2017 WinLab will feature Chrysa Parkinson, K.J. Holmes and Curious (Helen Paris and Leslie Hill). Full details will follow at the end of September, and booking opens on 2 October.

Week 1: Miranda Tufnell / Knowing Body Network | Dance as Medicine 

Monday 5 – Friday 9 December 2016, 10am – 5pm

Miranda Tufnell leads this workshop with contributions from invited artists who are part of the Knowing Body Network (KBN). KBN develops and shares artistic practice in the growing field of dance in health.

In her morning classes Miranda will use touch and breath, movement and story to introduce themes that reveal the distinctive role of this artistic work; and these themes will be further developed in the afternoons through practical sessions, films and discussions.

Contributing artists include: Karen Adcock Doyle, Penny Collinson, Lisa Dowler Jasmine Pasch, Filipa Perieria Stubbes and Cai Tomos & Jonah Brody.

For professional dance artists and body work practitioners.

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Weekend workshop: Jayne Parker | Feeling what the performer feels

Friday 9 December, 6 – 9pm and Saturday 10 – Sunday 11 December, 11am – 5pm 

This workshop reflects on the felt experience of dance and movement on film. It invites a series of questions:

Why do I want to film this? What do I want to feel when I see it on film? Can I find a way to express or capture on film the qualities of the performing body and the way it makes me feel? Can I put myself in the place of the performer and feel what they feel?

Taking examples from different sources, including artists’ film and video, television, screendance and mainstream film, as well as the participants’ own work, we will look at how decisions and choices made throughout the process of filming affect the final film. It will be a workshop of conversations and sharing experiences, examining and exploring the challenges of filming the performing body.

For professional dance artists with an interest or experience in working with dance on film.

To apply please send a short statement of interest and a biography / CV to

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Week 2: Rosalind Crisp | Undoing the Body 

Monday 12 – Friday 16 December, 11am – 5pm

For more than thirty years Rosalind Crisp has been evolving a field of choreographic principles and tools that enable a dance artist to confront her history and broaden her palette of dancing options, tools that bring attention to the continual flow of physical, spatial and sensory information for decision-making in any part of the body, at any moment.

The body is ‘prepared’ by undoing it from held tension and unquestioned pathways, prioritising breath, weight and sensation. A range of practical tools is explored to source movement from touch, texture, imagination and every part of the dancer’s body
– parts that are anatomically segmented or fictitiously separated and sensed. Attention is detached from presenting moves and embedded in the continual emergence of material in a porous relationship with the dancer’s audience.

 For professional dance artists and body work practitioners. 

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To book a workshop or event at ID please fill out a reservation form  and return it to this will reserve you in a place in the workshop for up to a week. To book your place and have your place confirmed, you must have paid for at least part of your workshop. You can phone 020 7091 9650 to make payment for your workshop.


Week 1 | 5 – 9 December | Miranda Tufnell / Knowing Body Network | Dance as Medicine
Standard Price | £195
Low Income |£175
Concession | £140

Weekend | 9 – 11 December | Jayne Parker | What the performer feels 
Standard Price | £150
Low Income | £100
Concession | £75
To apply please send a short statement of interest and a biography / CV to

Week 2
| 12 – 16 December | Rosalind Crisp | Undoing the Body 
Standard Price | £185
Low Income | £165
Concession | £130