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© 2008 Independent Dance is a company registered in England and Wales with company number 05096892. Registered Office: 86 Dresden Road, London N19 3BQ

Welcome to ID - led by artists for artists

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We aim to provide a responsive framework of activity to support, stimulate and sustain dance artists in their ongoing development as professionals, in their exchange with each other, andin theirinteractions beyond dance.

ID was established in 1990 and has the longest running daily training programme in the UK. It is co-directed by Gill Clarke and Fiona Millward and is now based at the Siobhan Davies Studios where it seeks to:

  • Support dance artists in their ongoing learning, practice and exchange of ideas
  • Stimulate the continued evolution and reach of the artform
  • Sustain professionals in their flexible careers by providing a stable and responsive framework of activity for artists at different points in their development.

This website enables you to find out more about ID, from here you can:

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The classes and workshops at the core of the programme, led by internationally renowned artists, place a particular focus on body-based movement exploration as a source for performance, improvisation and composition.

In its new home base, and in collaboration with Siobhan Davies Dance, ID is developing its programme to foster greater international exchange, raise the profile of independent artists’ practice, and embraces opportunities that enable artists to interact with a wider artistic and cultural field and contribute to the growth and evolution of the art form.

We hope you enjoy the ID programme, and always appreciate your feedback to help keep the activities and classes pertinent.

Gill question steve – ‘do we have somewhere a hot topic spot - eg link to discussion re the salon people can get straight there...’

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