Higher Education Round Table


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This annual event provides a meeting point for artists working within Higher Education Institutions.

The Round Table provides a platform for artists to engage with a current issue facing artist teachers in the HE context, fostering knowledge exchange and collaboration.

The next Round Table will likely take place on Fri 7 September 2018 (please note that the date may change). If you are interested in taking part please get in touch, and scroll down to read about previous editions.

“I just wanted to say just how valuable it is to be able to come together as dance artists / educators / researchers (whatever we prefer, it matters little) and speak so honestly and hopefully and progressively. And being in collegiate, co-operative and collective thought and discussion is so welcome and so needed for all of us today. I come away lighter in my heart and more resilient in my thoughts.”
Katye Coe, September 2016





The HE Round Table is for artists working in higher education.
Date & Time
One afternoon in the week of 3-7 September 2018 (1-6pm), exact date to be confirmed
Free to attend; donations welcome
If you would like to attend, please email us, giving the name of the HE institution and your title or role



Previous HE Round Table discussions:

2013 What is it to teach choreography? 
What it the specific process of transforming an idea into an artwork that we call choreography, specifically given the diversity of choreographic outcomes that dance artists produce, which may or may not include ‘dancing’ or movement patterning in a traditional sense of the word?
What is specific about a movement training that affects how ideas are generated and realised?
HE Round Table notes Sept 2013

2014 Artists in academia: conflicts and contributions
We continued the discussion with a topic that arose at the 2013 event: the dual identity as artist and academic, navigating both industry and institutional frameworks in our creative practice; and the contribution (and, sometimes, invisibility) of artists working in HE contexts to the wider sector.
ID HE Round Table notes Sept 2014

2015 Artist or instrument? Changing notions of technique and creative practice
Traditional boundaries between technical, performance and choreographic practice have become blurred by the influence of somatic practices and by the proliferation of choreographic approaches and making processes across the professional sector. These shifts have contributed to a changed perception of what dancing demands (excepting, perhaps, in a small, but powerful, corner of the mainstream). The ID round table reflected upon our role in generating and supporting this changed ecology.
ID HE Round Table notes Sept 2015

2016 Shared futures: HE and the profession
How do we understand the needs of the artform from the perspectives of our various roles, and share our imaginings of how best to support its ongoing evolution? How do we prepare students for a world which is for them to build, and which we perhaps cannot fully imagine?
ID HE Round Table notes Sept 2016

2017 We Are the Institution
As financial pressures, Brexit and a neo-liberal agenda intensify the pressures on the idea and practice of arts education, we identify the opportunities for change and resistance we do have, and ask questions of the systems in which we play a part.
ID HE Round Table notes Sept 2017