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Miranda Tufnell

Category: Morning Class

Ariadne’s Thread


This week focuses on developing skills of attention-  noticing  more of what draws  us, what makes us feel alive and brings  depth and vitality to  our creative practice. The workshop invokes states of mind and body to fine tune the
 senses and awaken each of us more fully to what is both within and around  -
 the spaces we inhabit or find ourselves in.  We shall take time to be curious, to notice what calls,  to track the flickers of interest that awaken impulse and response.  Through moving, writing and mark making we will explore qualities, textures, and associations, letting ordinary, seemingly insignificant, details surprise with  personal relevance. Each day will begin with an aspect of the body and open outwards into the space around us, we will listen for the  echoes, reflections, images and stories that arise as we  are still and as we move. In these ways the world (and our own presence within it) becomes more alive and  full of surprises,  connecting us more richly to the sources that fuel our creative work.


“The sights and sounds which speak most deeply to us

 move us

move us

where we thought we were sealed over”.  Miller Mair

Time: 10:00am-12:00pm
Date: Monday 15 January, 2018

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