Zoe Solomons

Class Description | Morning Class | Monday 24 - Friday 28 June 2019

Axis Syllabus: Rivers and roots

Landing into body landscapes; the curves and surfaces of our body that invite rolling, tumbling and falling. Places to push off from, anchor into and launch out of. Taking inspiration from the functionality of climbing and the subtle movement play of tango, we unpick anatomical puzzles and muddle ourselves in movement, finding rivers and roots.


Zoë is a dancer/mother/teacher/Osteopath. She has performed for Felix Ruckert, Tino Seghal and Simonetta Alessandri among others. Zoë qualified to teach Axis Syllabus universal motion principles in 2008 and has since taught at major dance centres and schools in the U.K. and internationally. Her eclectic training in medicine and bodywork, and a dance background including improvisation, tango, folkdance and contemporary inform her embodied approach to functional movement pedagogy.