Thomas Hauert

WinLab 2018: Form Emerging From Process

17 - 21 December | 11am - 5pm

Thomas Hauert’s workshop uses improvisation, deploying a complex network of movements connected in time and space to form an integrated dynamic system of unpredictable behaviour. Some dancers initiate movement and others react to it, each reaction triggering another movement within the same structure or initiating a new development.

The aim is to make order emerge from disorder, form from the formless, a group from individuals, whilst leveraging the qualities of perception, attention and concentration made possible by improvisation. The choreographic situation emerges as a microcosm in which individuals constantly negotiate between their freedom and creativity and their desire to connect with others.

Touching on the concepts of free will and responsibility, it reflects the negotiations, conflicts, tensions and resolutions at work in these social systems. Thomas hopes to create a situation in which imperfection becomes the personal signature of commitment, the index of a search for virtue, rather than a public sign of failure.


Having built his career as a dancer with Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker, David Zambrano and Pierre Droulers, Swiss born Thomas Hauert founded his company ZOO in Brussels with whom he has created more than 20 performances. In addition to his work for ZOO, Thomas has also created work for Zurich Ballet, P.A.R.T.S, Toronto Dance Theatre, Candoco Dance Company and CCN Ballet de Lorraine.
Thomas teaches regularly at P.A.R.T.S. and was Valeska-Gert-guest professor at the Freie Universität Berlin during winter 2012-13. He was also invited to collaborate in The Forsythe Company’s “Motion Bank” project (ongoing). Since 2013, Thomas Hauert has been the artistic director of the BA in Contemporary Dance at the theatre academy La Manufacture in Lausanne.