Susanna Recchia

Class Description | Morning Class |8 - 11 May 2018

The main ingredients for the class will be experiential anatomy and improvisation, writing and drawing. Energetic as well as restful dances are welcome with an interest to allow different types of engagement with movement coexist in the space we share. Through touch, physical and verbal dialogue, we will encounter other movers and consider this exchange a vital resource for learning and developing the individual and collective practice of dancing. The underlining approach to the work is to play seriously, find joy, ease and flow in movement combining deep attention and lightness of spirit. My current interests are: imagination, perception and choice making; relation between intellect, emotion and instinct while dancing; relation between sensation and form, between self and others; space as a source of inspiration and support; habits; acceleration and randomness.
Research Lab | Thursday 6 July | 10am - 12 noon
The work has started while teaching at La Manufacture in Lausanne (CH) on the 8th of November 2017, on the day I heard the news of Leonard Cohen’s death and of Donald Trump’s election. Speechless. I decided to go to the studio at night, switch the lights off and dance.
I am a performer who mainly works on collaborative projects. This is the first time that I felt the desire to spend time alone in the studio and make a dance.
Since November, I have regularly returned to the studio and revisited the score I assembled: a collage of ideas, movement tasks and music tracks to keep alive questions on the relation between sensation and form, reciprocity, interrelatedness and the relevance of personal actions in the current political climate.
At this stage of the process, I am interested in sharing the initial phase of my work and talk about what others see and perceive when being exposed to this dance.
The session will be divided in three parts: the presentation of the work in progress, a practical exploration with the viewers of two of the tasks that are part of my movement research, a conversation around the work that I have presented.


Susanna is an Italian dance artist living in the UK since 2001. Her practice shifts between performing, teaching, mentoring and researching both in academic and artistic contexts. As a performer Susanna has toured internationally, and collaborated with choreographers who involve improvisation either in the process of making or in performance and has devised her own work joining practitioners from different disciplines, such as photography and film. Dialogue, the study of movement and improvisation, imagination are the thriving forces of Susanna’s work as a dancer and teacher. She has recently started a practice-based PhD in Dance looking at the labour of the performer involved in collaborative and interdisciplinary processes at Roehampton University in collaboration with Siobhan Davies Dance and Independent Dance. For more info: