Sally Dean

Class Description I Monday Night Improvisation I 27 November 2017

How does what we wear affect how we move and perceive and what we create and perform?
As part of Sally’s current research into Somatic Movement and Costume, this class invites participants to wear, move and create in costumes that generate specific body-mind experiences. Costumes act in a similar way to ‘touch’ – becoming ‘portals of perception’. The costumes will not only awaken sensory experiences, heightening our awareness, but it will also fuel our creativity and imagination – bringing participants into the territory of improvisation and performance.

Costumes used in this workshop have been created and designed in collaboration with Sandra Arroniz Lacunza and Carolina Rieckhof.

Read more about Sally’s research into Somatic Movement and Costume here.


Sally E. Dean has been a performer, performance maker and teacher over 12 years - both in university, professional and community settings. Her work interlinks the fields of health, movement, expression, culture and performance.
Sally's approach is highly informed by somatic-based practices and techniques. She is a certified teacher of Skinner Releasing Technique, trained in Amerta Movement with Suprapto Suryodarmo in Java and London, and is a teacher of Scaravelli yoga as taught by Giovanni Felicioni and the teachers of the LYYTC. Sally's teaching and performances integrate nature, site, object, sound, and costume.
Sally’s ethos is interdisciplinary and transcultural collaboration. As the Artistic Director of Sally E. Dean Performing Arts, Inc. (SEDPA) and the Kolaborasi Project, her mission is to facilitate artistic collaborations and dialogue among American, European and Asian people. Sally recently received the Artist International Development Grant, from the British Council and Arts Council England, to deliver her collaborative performance and teaching project called Unearthed in Colombo, Sri Lanka in 2012.

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Sally Dean