Rosanna Irvine

Research Lab | Tuesday 4 July 2017 | 10am - 12 noon
Figures Series is an expanded choreographic project and the umbrella title for a growing collection of works that includes choreographic scores, participatory performances, reviews, writings and interviews. Extending across and between dance, visual arts and participatory practices, Figures Series questions what 21st century choreography is and what it can do

Many of the scores from Figures Series can be worked with using movement, drawing and/or sound - and occassionally writing. Many also involve a particular attention towards breath. During the research lab we will investigate some of these scores. Drawing and writing materials will be on hand - as will portable amplifier and microphone for sound work - and of course space for moving. People will work with their material(s) of choice. We will spend time researching/playing with the scores, observing each other, reflecting and discussing together. Our enquiry will orientate around how a choreographic set of instructions manifests through different people and through different media.


Rosanna Irvine
Rosanna Irvine is a choreographer working in an expanded field that includes performance, installation, digital media and writing. The processes that she uses invariably involve a close working with perception and attention. Works are presented in theatre, gallery and public spaces as well as on the page and online. She works independently and in collaboration with choreographer Katrina Brown. Recent work has been presented nationally and internationally including at Het Veem Theatre, Amsterdam; Nottdance Festival, Nottingham; KARST Gallery, Plymouth; Konteksty International Festival of Ephemeral Art, Sokolovsko, Poland; Tramway, Glasgow; What Festival, Siobhan Davies Studios, London; Nightingale Theatre, Brighton; Art Claims Impulse Gallery, Berlin.
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