Rick Nodine

Class Description | Morning class | 29 June - 3 July 2015

Class will be heavily influenced by Rick’s twenty years of experience in Contact Improvisation. Warm-ups will encourage connection of the periphery of the body to the core and the relation of all surfaces of the body to the floor. Bits of set material and music will be used to generate energy and sweat, while solo, contact and group improvisations will be developed throughout the week.


After completing a degree in Biology, Rick Nodine went on to study Contact Improvisation with the pioneers of the form. He began a performing career in the early 90's, and has appeared in many dance contexts including theatre, dance theatre, digital media, television, mixed ability, site specific and pure dance.

In 2001 Rick became a member of staff at London Contemporary Dance School where he teaches Composition and Improvisation.

For the past 15 years he has collaborated with many dancers, actors and musicians to create improvised performance (Jovair Longo, Kate Brown, Gaby Agis, Lalitaraja, ESP, 5 men dancing, Jamie McCarthy and Neat Timothy).

Since 1997 Rick has created is own work and his most recent program of choreography and improvisation will premier in the Spring Loaded festival in April 2010.

Rick Nodine