Rainer Knupp

Class Description I Monday Night Improvisation I Monday 29 January 2018

The Drawing from "The Feldenkrais® Method" and "Jeremy Krauss Approach" my class' concern is widening our sesnory experience through strategic movement investigation and functional clarification. Scores to dance more openly will follow. Limitation can bring freedom, freedom can bring new interest in limitation.


Rainer, born in Germany, is a certified Feldenkrais® Teacher and Jeremy Kraus Approach for children practitioner. In dance he graduated in the School for New Dance Development (EDDC) in the 90ies in Arnhem, NL.

Rainer has a long history in performing and choreographing throughout Europe. In his own choreographic work he is interested in experimenting with the issue 'performance' itself, highlighting the performers'/artists' world as a subject in relation to his embodied experience. Crossing mediums is often part of an investigation, to raise questions how dance can be identified and pushing (one's own) boundaries.

He also facilitates projects in the area of ‘free play’ for children all over London.