Rahel Vonmoos

Workshop Description | Container - Content: BMC into performance practice | Sunday 20 May 2018 | 11am - 5pm

Rahel will create a space where ideas about change, distance, dis- and re-orientation can be played out, using personal and shared imagination.
We will investigate the concepts of ‘container-content’, the notion of simplicity-complexity and the physicality/materiality of the moving (performing) body, in solo, duo and group settings. Rahel will bring silicone sheets into the space to add another physical texture and evoke a wider concept of skin; exploring how touch brings us into the present moment, how skin brings to its surface a re-membered past. Together we will create scores for set and improvised movement, as well as partnering work. Rahel uses the approach of Body-Mind Centering (BMC), the work founded by Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen, which is grounded in the physical body but studies the entire range of our being, integrating our moving experience of the body's physiological systems and developmental movement patterns.

Class Description | Morning class | Monday 27 November - Friday 1 December 2017

Rahel’s class draws from her personal movement research, her experience in Body-Mind Centering and Aikido. She investigates the different movement qualities of the body’s physiological systems focusing on the volume/ support of the organs and the connection of the centre to extremities and space. Rahel works with developmental patterns leading to phrases on the floor as well as standing, using a combination of set material and improvisation.


Rahel Vonmoos is a Swiss/British independent dance maker and performer. She has created a substantial body of work, presented in theatres, galleries and site specific places in Europe and USA; at the Hayward Gallery, Dance Umbrella and Spring Loaded Festival in London. Her recent work ‘to find a place’ was a Compass Commission 2015. Her recent research themes are displacement (physical, socio-political) and dedication (commitment/memory); and her ongoing photo/film research project is called ‘mothers and sinks’ playing with reflections into being, house-holding, age, anger and nostalgia.
Rahel has worked in collaborative contexts, amongst others, with dancer/choreographer Wally Cardona (NY), filmmaker Ruth Schlaepfer (CH) and for over 20 years as a dancer for, amongst others Rosemary Butcher, Iztok Kovac (for film), Philippe Gehmacher, Charles Linehan, Ricochet Dance Company and in Switzerland with Cie Pool and Philippe Saire.
Rahel is a certified Body-Mind Centering practitioner, studied intensely Aikido and holds an MA: The Body in Performance. She teaches dance, improvisation and performance practice for different organisations in the UK and abroad and is a guest lecturer for contemporary technique and choreography at Trinity Laban Conservatory.