Miranda Tufnell

Crossing Borders 2016 | 6 December, 7 - 8.30pm | Frontiers of Dance and Health
Miranda Tufnell with dance artists of the Knowing Body Network share their experience of working in healthcare

The Knowing Body Network ( knowing from the body, knowing through the body ) is a gathering of dance artists working in the field of arts and health. In this evening they will share and discuss ways in which a creative and embodied dance practice can work alongside and in support of a beleaguered and overstretched healthcare system. There is a growing though disparate body of evidence from experienced and skilled movement practitioners who navigate this always complex, sometimes controversial, but often fruitful interface between clinical care and the creative arts. In a time when the NHS is under increasing pressure there is much the arts, and particularly dance, can do in bringing people together and supporting them to care more effectively for themselves. The arts cannot solve our problems, but they invite us to question, explore and discover other aspects of who we are – aspects that are not just to do with our immediate difficulties or illness , in this they strengthen our capacity to meet and adapt to change

WinLab 2016 I 5 - 9 December 2016 | Dance as Medicine

Miranda Tufnell leads this workshop with contributions from invited artists who are part of the Knowing Body Network (KBN). KBN develops and shares artistic practice in the growing field of dance in health.
In her morning classes Miranda will use touch and breath, movement and story to introduce themes that reveal the distinctive role of this artistic work; and these themes will be further developed in the afternoons through practical sessions, films and discussions.
Contributing artists include: Karen Adcock Doyle, Penny Collinson, Lisa Dowler Jasmine Pasch, Filipa Perieria Stubbes and Cai Tomos & Jonah Brody.


Miranda Tufnell is a dance artist, writer and teacher in movement and imagination. She is also an Alexander teacher and Craniosacral therapist. Her work is concerned with improvisation, embodiment, and our sensuous and imaginative connection to the world around us. With Chris Crickmay she co -authored Body Space Image (1990) and A Widening Field (2001).
She has been showing her performance work in galleries and theatres across the UK and abroad since 1976 as well as developing pioneering arts and health work both within the NHS and independently within the UK.