Michaela Ross

WHAT Remains 2016
Being Mr.X

Olga Masleinnikova & Michaela Ross will present the work of Mr X, an artist resident at the Bethlem Royal Hospital. His improvised structures document the endless process of adjustment which occurs as the individual recalibrates his relationship to the spaces of the institution. Mr X uses his own body to determine the scale of each work, using arm and leg measurements as basic units, operating within the constraints (visible and invisible) imposed on him by the space and staff. Making these structures is essentially a performative practice, developed in response to the question: "How do I make this space adapt to me when I am constantly being asked to adapt to it?"

We will document the process of making the work with Mr X, showing photographs and footage alongside installations made specifically for the Festival and the spaces of Siobhan Davies Studios.


Michaela Ross is an artist and lecturer. Working with the collectives FLAG and Critical Practice, she has staged and participated in various events exploring the intersections of art practice and pedagogy. She gained her PhD from the University of the Arts London in 2012 and has collaborated with museums and galleries including Tate, the Serpentine, the Whitechapel Gallery and Nottingham Contemporary, working on long and short-term projects exploring interpretation, knowledge-production and the possibilities offered by different forms of public participation.