Laura Doehler

Class Description | Monday Night Improvisation | 12 November 2018 | 6:30 - 8:30pm

Shared Training Practice (collectively created by Anne-Gaelle Thiriot, Tania Soubry, Fernanda Munoz- Newsome, Laura Doehler)

As dance artists and movement practitioners to vow integrity to our work we need to apply ourselves in our practice beyond the commonly and widely established version of copying. Ideally daily, some space and time should be made to move and reflect on moving as a personal inquiry. The Shared Training Practice is a format we established for people to embark on this journey by sharing studio time. A very simple frame is provided to make sure we do not obstruct each other however part of this logic of sharing time and space is that everyone in the space is an open source and in defining what we want to concern ourselves with, we invite a soft focus that can at times witness and engage through other inquires. While you can bring in your own agenda we find it most useful to stream movement based on the very simple idea that we do whatever excites us. We are in that way training to anticipate our own curiosities and by visiting and re-visiting our curiosities we trust to find what we want to know.
“ In doing it, it gives me clarification.” Lauren Potter


Picking up on impermanence and change Laura choses improvisation as the format to trace and train focus that observes change. She initiates collective processes that in themselves facilitate and disseminate an embodiment of ideas, which circle around social connectivity and manifest via events that people can participate in and witness. The shedding of boundaries of self and other and the integration of performance and practice as part of everyday life are reoccurring themes. The most recent work of Exit Map which Laura is founder of, The Shared Training Practice in SE London, the Free to Move Movement, and Trilogy Twerk a Sonata, are projects brought to life in close dialogue with other cross-disciplinary artists that build on collective ownership and are defined by processes; the product being ourselves changing. Laura Doehler, BA (Dance Theatre) and MA (Performance Making), teaches movement (release, CI, improvisation, composition and movement analysis) in HE at the National School of Circus Arts London. H2dance, Tara’ Darquin, Monsur Ali and Anne-Gaelle Thiriot are artists she is currently working with as performer, collaborator and researcher.