Katrina Brown

WHAT Remains 2016

surface/sphere brings Steve Paxton’s exercises from Material for the Spine into contact with the methods developed by the artists in their performance installation what remains and is to come. Paxton’s rolls and puzzles radically alter how the body and space is perceived in movement; they open the surfaces of the body in the sensations of spherical space. Brown and Irvine’s what remains and is to come operates through a live activation of material processes between charcoal, paper, body and breath accumulating in the generating of large-scale charcoal prints. The video installation surface/sphere brings Paxton’s exercises in contact with charcoal-covered paper, tracing events of spherical movement on the horizontal surface.


Katrina Brown and Rosanna Irvine work collaboratively and as independent choreographers. Their performance installation what remains and is to come has been presented internationally including at Het Veem Theater Amsterdam, Contexts Festival of Ephemeral Arts Sokolovsko Poland, The Nightingale Brighton, Backlit Gallery Nottingham and KARST Plymouth. The accompanying artist book what remains and is to come: a document was published in 2014. www.whatremains2.wordpress.com/about/

Katrina works with the body and drawing in performance, installation and on the page. She is currently developing Translucent surface/Quiet body at dance research centre L’Animal a l’esquena, Spain. www.katrinabrown.net

Rosanna works across performance, installation, digital media, performance lectures, writing and the publication of choreographic scores. She is currently developing a new body of work figures series for gallery and public spaces. www.rosanna-irvine.co.uk