Jessica Lerner

Class Description | Monday Night Improvisation | 29 April 2019

Guided improvisations and release techniques focusing on our inner movement and felt senses. Immerse oneself in the dance of the senses, integrating and balancing emotions and developing self agency within a trusting and giving environment. Exploring the fundamentals of movement in which to dance with your own expression, whether this be for health or Art/Dance making.
No previous dance experience necessary. Please bring drawing materials and notebook.

"Jess as an artist, facilitator and teacher is the key to making this creative and therapeutic session work. She creates an environment of safety and acceptance which naturally aids our ability to trust and relax as there is no sense of judgement or desire to force anything to happen or reach a particular level of attainment or quality of work or specific outcome", Peri Thomas


Jessica animates objects through dance making work that is both visual and kinaesthetic. Since 1989 she has been making her own performance work which has always been rooted in improvisation and coming from felt sense, sitting in a unique place between dance and visual art. Originally from London she moved to Wales in 2002.