Jamie Atherton

WHAT Remains 2016
Possibilities for a Pleasant Outing

Dancer and choreographer Fred Herko (1936-64) appears in many early 1960s New York narratives. As well as being an integral part of the Judson Dance Theater, he appeared in several Warhol films, including the now-lost Roller Skate (1963). Working outwards from this artefact, Atherton has gathered together traces to be retold while himself attempting to roller skate. These are two problematic tasks: as with many queer archives, Herko’s relies on ephemera and anecdote, while the physical act is hindered by inability. The possibility of failure speaks to Herko’s biography, and moreover is proposed as a strategy for engaging an object across time and away from hegemonic historicism.


Jamie Atherton is an artist researching the utopian impulse — particularly in relation to queer archives — through performance, video, drawing and text. Recent work has included the four-person performance weird nails at a.m. in London, and the performance-drawing and publication I Hear a New World, produced for David Medalla’s London Biennale and included in The Slow Burn at Ditch Projects, Oregon. He lives and works in London.