Andrea Buckley

Class Description | Morning class | 1 - 3 November 2017

This class aims to look within the landscape of our bodies to access a starting point to move from. We will work with the sense of touch as a way to awaken our sense mechanism and through guided instructions, both anatomical and compositional, we will explore dynamic states of awareness and readiness in the body in order to enhance perception of ourselves and others in relation to the surrounding space.

Liverpool Improvisation Collective

The members of the Liverpool Improvisation Collective (LIC) span the history of Independent dance and the era of New dance innovated by pioneers including Mary Prestidge who, alongside dance artists Jo Blowers, Andrea Buckley and Paula Hampson joined forces over 15 years ago in order to create resources and frameworks for individual and collective research as dance makers, performers, educators and producers. For ten years they hosted LIFDI (Liverpool International Festival of Dance Improvisation) in conjunction with Space to Move which attracted artists working regionally, nationally and internationally and included workshops, performances and networking opportunities. During that period they were also commissioned by Dance North West to create and perform a work for ‘Xposure’ resulting in a regional tour.
Members of LIC have continued to develop their work collectively and individually as performers and makers and to establish a network of collaborative relationships, teaching and delivering a regular programme of classes and workshops for professionals and the wider community. They also act as mentors: inspiring and providing strategies with ongoing support for groups and individuals; particularly in the context of improvisation.
Currently the LIC artists are creating new work and delivering an innovative participation/engagement and audience development initiative as part of the three year long INHABIT project funded by Esme Fairbairn and based at Bluecoat in Liverpool.
As part of the Autumn programme at ID the LIC artists will be offering a series of classes which reflect aspects of both their individual and collective practice.


Andrea Buckley works as an independent dance artist, whose experience extends over 20 years, performing, teaching and creating work in various professional contexts to include the wider community. Her primary research draws upon an extensive range of improvisation and contact skills as a way to continue to develop an awareness of the moving body and expand a repertoire of composition.

She has performed with many independent artists touring UK, Ireland, Europe and parts of America. These include Kirstie Simson, Nancy Stark-Smith, MacLennan Dance Company, Rosemary Lee, Gill Clarke and Deborah Hay.

Committed to work occurring in the North West, Andrea is part of an artist led initiative, Liverpool Improvisation Collective (LIC) - initiating workshops, festivals and performance projects. They have a designated artist led space at the Bluecoat, Liverpool.

As well as working with Siobhan Davies Dance, she is currently developing her own performance project Walking Within - Episode II in collaboration with film artist Dan Williams and composer/musician Jamie McCarthy.