Adriana Pegorer

Class Description | Morning Class | 15 - 19 October 2018

This class focuses on improvisational partnering work (with contact and non) drawing from contact improvisation and tango argentino dance forms, including also some elements of experiential anatomy, release techniques principles (such as Feldenkrais, Skinner Release Technique, Aikido, BodyMindCentering, Ideokinesis) and Butoh.

Adriana’s approach is informed and inspired by Irene Dowd, Liz Koch, Thomas Kampe, Nancy Stark Smith, Glenna Batson, Maxine Sheets-Johnstone, Giovanni Felicioni, John Stirk, Carlos Gavito, Pablo Veron, Deborah Hay and Emily Conrad among others.

The class welcomes complete beginners in CI and/or Tango.

We will aim to create a playful movement dialogue by using some of these ideas:

- skeletal-muscular-fascia-nerves-cellular awareness
- creating-giving-receiving space/s
- leading and following and those spaces in between
- yield-push-pull-reach
- negotiate release and resistance
- provide-remove-resist contact and support
- sharing weight and momentum
- rooting and floating
- tracing points and lines in and around the body/ies
- head/torso/pelvis/feet/hands spiralling connections
- leaning away and towards the partner/s into falls-shifts-lifts
- flowing dynamics-flocking-unison and contrast-staccato
- harmonize solos, duets, trios and quartet into and out of group work
- some Tango Argentino footwork and technique


Adriana Pegorer is an interdisciplinary dance artist interested in the interweaving of forms.
Born in Italy, where she competed as an athlete and worked in visual arts and music, she moved to London in 1995 where she completed an Access to Performing Art course at the Hammersmith and West London College and graduated in Dance & Related Arts at Chichester University. She is a qualified Exercise & Fitness teacher, mat-work Pilate’s instructor and Massage therapist.

Winner of the Lea Anderson Choreographic Award for her dance film Double One (2001) she devised and performed several experimental works mixing choreography with improvisation, video and new technology in the UK and abroad.

Adriana presented her own research at various conferences including at 'Body, Movement and Dance in Global Perspective' (Hong Kong), ‘Touching and to be touched – Kinaesthesia and empathy in dancing’ (Berlin), the Colloque International 'Tango: Creation, Identification, Circulation' (Paris) and was invited to perform in Marta E. Savigliano's Wallflowers and Femme Fatales performance lecture at Harvard University (Boston). She contributes to the World Dance & Culture curriculum in the UK and teaches tango and contact improvisation at various schools, colleges, universities and private and public organizations.

In 2008 Adriana founded the community organization Chiaroscuro offering inclusive movement education opportunities that foreground kinaesthetic awareness over visual mimesis. It started with tango sessions at the Royal National Institute for the Blind People and it progressed into the Moving Perceptions project.

Her exploration of the fusion of tango and Contact Improvisation started in 1999 and in the last 5 years she has been organizing monthly Tango Release sessions in London.
She is currently collaborating and performing with Caroline Waters their duet Dis/tr-action and organizing the 3rd Tango Diferente in July 2014 (Ponderosa, Berlin), a research week with several international teachers dedicated entirely to the fusion of tango with other techniques, dance forms and concepts.

Moving Perceptions

Tango Release

Tango Diferente