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Independent Dance (ID) is an artist-led organisation providing a responsive framework to support, sustain and stimulate dance artists in their ongoing development as professionals.

It provides a specialist and coherent programme offering opportunities to learn, deepen enquiry, share practice and exchange ideas as part of an interdependent international community.

The classes and workshops at the core of the programme, led by internationally renowned artists, place a particular focus on movement exploration as a source for performance, improvisation and composition. Please visit the Classes page for our current programme.

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Summer term 2016 at ID

Our Morning class and Monday Night Improvisation programme runs until 8 July, when Padmini Chettur takes over for her workshop.

Enjoy studio-based research with Katye Coe, Annie Lok, Bettina Neuhaus, Zoe Solomons, Yael Flexer and Seke Chimutengwende before we break for the summer!

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Resisting Myth, Refining Movement
With Padmini Chettur
8-10 July 2016

Padmini comes from Chennai and is one of the few Indian contemporary choreographers who did not come to the West to train, but instead departed from her original training in Bharatanatyam by developing her own highly distilled, minimal aesthetic and somatically sourced approach.  

What her work carries from her BN history is a concern for precision. “Observing the internal connections of our minute actions. Looking at small weight transfers, tiny articulations, longer lines of tension, and eventually how all of these spill into the external space. Defining it, being defined by it, as a way to be precise.”

For further information about this workshop and for details on how to book click here.

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MA/MFA Creative Practice: Dance Professional Practice Pathway

Interested in doing an MA/MFA? We are now accepting applications for our 2016 – 2017 cohort.

The programme is delivered jointly by Independent Dance, Siobhan Davies Dance and Trinity Laban, and is validated by City University.

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